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New law aims to protect oyster farms from poachers

As oyster farming grows in Maryland, legislators moved to protect the product that protects the Chesapeake Bay by enacting HB 287, to help leaseholders of aquaculture plots — oyster beds suspended in open water cages — to recoup damages from poachers. Those caught poaching would be subject to pay three times the cost of their illegal harvest directly to aquaculture farmers, who are collectively leasing 4,000 acres of the Maryland Bay.

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Rain tax repeal enacted; lone legislator says bill repeals little

A lone legislator let his disapproval rain down on House delegates the last night of session, as the Watershed Protection bill passed with only Del. Richard Impallaria opposed against 138 members.

“There are people who believe that what we are doing is repealing the rain tax,” said Del. Richard Impallaria, R-Baltimore and Harford. “They are still going to get a rain tax bill, every single year.”

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Warning: Flesh-eating bacteria in the Chesapeake Bay

With a flesh-eating bacteria often going unnoticed in the Chesapeake Bay, legislators are rallying behind a bill that would warn potential victims.

The naturally-occurring bacteria, which causes infections called Vibriosis, is most commonly contracted through open wounds or cuts. In 2013, there were 57 reported cases, jumping from 25 cases in 2001.

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