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Business group leaders say Maryland needs to be more competitive on taxes

With a report Monday by CEO magazine ranking Maryland among the 10 worst states to do business, the Greater Baltimore Committee said it’s going to renew its push to improve the state’s competitiveness. “I’m always struggling with why we think we’re so good and others think we’re not,” said Brian Rogers, chairman of the T. Rowe Price Group who chairs the Greater Baltimore Committee’s board.

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Report reveals why Va. typically outranks Md. in business climate surveys

The Greater Baltimore Committee’s latest report reveals that Maryland’s tax structure and other corporate regulations are a driving force behind the state’s spotty performance on U.S. business climate rankings, which typically rate Virginia as a better place to do business than Maryland.

On average, Maryland placed 27th out of 50 states in national rankings published between 2012 and 2013. But each of the 10 rankings are based on different criteria, so Maryland receives better grades from some ranking groups than others.

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Transportation advocates see 2012 as “last chance” for raising revenues

Advocates for increased funding for Maryland transportation projects say next year’s General Assembly session is “the last chance” to get any new revenues passed. “This is probably our last opportunity in a four-year term,” said Don Fry, president of the Greater Baltimore Committee and a former legislator. “In the third and fourth year of the legislative term we don’t see that type of initiative,” as lawmakers focus on their re-election.

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