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Assembly analysts say O’Malley budget may underfund some areas

The governor’s new budget may be $425 million to $500 million short on cash to fully fund some programs and pension costs, legislative analysts told lawmakers Monday.

In its first swipe at Gov. Martin O’Malley’s $34 billion spending plan, the Legislative Services staff fiscal briefing identified key issues the legislature has to deal with in handling the budget. The analysts noted over $200 million in bond debt that would be sold to replace money taken out of the special funds for Program Open Space, Chesapeake Bay Restoration and the Transportation Trust Fund.

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Baltimore may face more cuts to highway funding

Lawmakers are seriously considering a $30 million reduction to Baltimore City’s share of the state aid that local jurisdictions share for road maintenance.

But city legislators are prepared to fight the staff proposal to redistribute that money to the state’s 23 other jurisdictions. Analysts say the move would more evenly distribute the money, which comes from gasoline, vehicle registration and titling taxes categorized as “highway user revenues.”

Local governments have taken a hit across the board, as the state kept most of the highway revenues that it usually sends to counties in order to balance the state budget.

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Analysis: Rich state, but social services funded poorly

At last week’s meeting of the legislative workgroup on state, county and local fiscal relations, Sen. Ed Kasemeyer raised a question that has bothered a lot of people: If Maryland is such a rich state, why are some of our government functions — such as higher education and social services — funded more poorly than other states where income is lower?

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