Opinion: Sponsor says vote for Question 1, respect the will of voters

As the last of the voters weigh in during today’s polarizing presidential election, I’m hopeful they’ll unite around a vote “for” Question 1.A vote “for” Question 1 respects the will of the voters at the last election, and it later gives them an opportunity to vote for their elected officials. Our constitutional amendment would require the governor to choose a temporary replacement from the same party as the outgoing official, and then we’d hold a special election to fill the remainder of the term during the next regularly scheduled election.

The drawn-out lawsuit that could reshape Maryland’s public universities

In a development well off the radar screen, a federal judge in Baltimore last week issued an order that marks the most recent stage in a controversy that has been percolating for years. The so-called “Coalition Case” involves a lawsuit against the state brought by supporters of Morgan State University and the three other Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in Maryland. The plaintiffs have been seeking a judicial order requiring Maryland to provide a range of specific remedial actions to make the HBCUs more viable and competitive with other universities in the state.