Author: Cynthia Prairie

State Roundup, January 17, 2011

Death penalty return anticipated; Several abortion-related bills to be introduced; Rocky Gap slots bill to be fast-tracked as “emergency bill;” Klausmeier bill would legalize poker, blackjack and other table games; veterans groups seek slots at their posts; lawmakers seek to overturn individual health insurance mandate; Steele bows out of RNC race; Ehrlichs said to be shopping around another radio show; and eight firms said to be interested in offshore wind projects.

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State Roundup, January 13, 2011

State lawmakers return to Annapolis to be sworn-in and celebrate before the tough stuff starts; lots of photos of opening day; budget cuts are the talk of the day; while leaders are reluctant to talk tax hikes, they will consider them — if county’s ask; Pat McDonough to introduce 16 bills to crack down on illegal immigration; and State Center redevelopment put on hold.

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State Roundup, January 12, 2011

O’Malley to remain “open-minded” over new taxes; not all state workers who seek buyouts will get them; looser requirement over Rocky Gap slots are sought; state ethics panel warns legislators over room offers; Munson to volunteer in Annapolis; and Baker hopes to move federal agency from Rockville to Prince George’s.

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State Roundup, January 11, 2011

Maryland is moving ahead with health care reform, even while congressional Republicans vow to dismantle it; lobbyists are lining up to beat the drum for their slots-bidders; medical marijuana has new meaning for state senator suffering from cancer; civil unions unlikely to cause rift between Kittleman, other Republicans; 1,400 state workers sign up for buyouts; FBI takes over probe of fiery packages; Kamenetz to tout legislative priorities in Annapolis; and Maryland public schools rank No. 1.

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State Roundup, January 10, 2011

Tax hikes, budget cuts and filling the gaps, immigration crackdown, tuition for some illegals among issues expected to dominate the General Assembly session, which starts Wednesday; O’Malley wants to keep $250 million for school construction; farmers take issue with Chesapeake Bay plans; Maryland congressional delegation reacts to colleague’s shooting in Arizona rampage; several chats with new state reps in Annapolis; and Prince George’s exec seeks ethics measures.

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