Author: Cynthia Prairie

State Roundup, March 14, 2011

Gay marriage bill dead for the year although some speculate Maryland’s actions could put it in limbo for much longer; couples hoping to marry ponder their next move; Governor may be stripped of parole authority for lifers; snack tax funds would be used to fight obesity in kids; O’Malley continues push for septic ban; death penalty repeal returns; protests abound over proposed state pension cuts, education funding cuts and gas tax hike; and Prince George’s continues move toward ethics reforms.

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State Roundup, March 10, 2011

On the same sex marriage front: Vote on the bill expected tomorrow after attempts to amend fail; lone Southern Maryland delegate for same-sex marriage is gay; two UM professsors — a couple for 27 years — look forward to bill’s passage while out-of-state opponents expect to pour $1 million to fight if bill becomes law; bill giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens expected to pass in Monday vote; Lt. Gov. Brown tells moving story about his illegal alien grandmother; legislation a good shot at curbing drunk driving deaths; O’Malley testifies for estate tax relief for farmers; and U.S. Rep. Andy Harris decides to keep private insurance after all.

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State Roundup, March 9, 2011

Gay delegates, church pastors at odds over same-sex marriage; amendment would exempt religious groups that provide certain services to withhold them on religious grounds; lawn fertilizer regulation mulled; bill would allow workers to keep Facebook information from employers; living wage bill likely to fail; 10,000 expected Monday to protest school, pension cuts; and Mikulski to be inducted into National Women’s Hall of Fame.

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State Roundup, March 7, 2011

Federal budget cuts could spell disaster for many Marylanders; same sex marriage moves on to full House after fits and starts: constituents seemed to hold sway over how legislators voted; community colleges play big role in compromise on in-state tuition for illegal alien students; wine shipping bills get airing; bills would ban smoking in car containing kids and reading texts while driving; gas tax hike proposal draws protests; retired state workers concerned about prescription drug coverage cost; and you soon may be able to dine alfresco with Fido.

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State Roundup, March 3, 2011

Two holdouts ready to vote on gay marriage bill, but just when that vote will be taken is anybody’s guess; O’Malley seeks tax to pay for wind power; the governor continues to support septic legislation or he may be willing to shelve it for more study; beverage lobby may get curbs on wine shipments; DNR seeks stronger poaching laws; and funding for USM at Hagerstown passes committee.

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