After how many days would you receive your money with BitiCodes?

After how many days would you receive your money with BitiCodes?

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Crypto trading was not as easy and simple as it has become after the invention of BitiCodes. This invention has changed the market culture to 180’ and now the traders who did not like to invest their money in this market are rushing to grab maximum profit out of this market. The crypto market is touching $30 billion daily trading volume. There are huge opportunities to earning confirm daily profits and the use of BitiCodes has made it really possible.

The BitiCodes is an AI program that can analyze the market and predict profitable insights that are really helpful for traders to earn maximum profit with an almost 1% risk factor. The signal’s accuracy has touched the 90% mark which is a thing that makes this platform the best online trading platform in the world.

How to create an account with BitiCodes?

Creating an account with BitiCodes is not a task that would ever bother you. You can complete this whole process within 10 minutes without earning from any other app or school. You just need to follow some simple steps and your account will be created.

You will find a signup form on the main landing page of the official website of the BitiCodes, fill this with the demanded information and create a strong password at the end of the whole process. Click that purple “start trading” button so that the platform verifies your information. In a while, you will receive an activation email from the platform and now, your account is ready to receive funds and start trading.

Is the BitiCodes have any minimum deposit limit?

Yes, the BitiCodes has introduced a minimum deposit limit to support beginners and people who have a little amount as savings. Anyone with a minimum deposit of 4250 can avail of all the features of this AI tool and can make profits on a daily basis. There is no pro account available for anyone, every user will be treated equally.

The BitiCodes also offer a trial version for its users so that they can learn about crypto trading by doing it practically, learn about the accuracy of the platform, and also understand the volatile nature of the market. During this trial period, the user is assigned an amount of virtual money so that his invested money would be safe and secure. However, to avail of this demo account, a user must have $250 in his account vault.

After how many days would you receive your money with BitiCodes?

The BitiCodes is a user-friendly app that has made all its features for the betterment of users. There is no complexity in this app and you can trade in crypto-like complicated markets very easily with the help of the BitiCodes app.

The BitiCodes follow the 24 hours policy for withdrawals. This means you will receive your money into your local bank or money transfer service’s account within 24 hours after hitting the “withdraw” button. You will face no delay in receiving your money to use. Moreover, every single profit is transferred to the vault in real-time. There is no need to wait hours to see your account pumped up.

How many times you can deposit money into the BitiCodes vault?

BitiCodes has announced that it has set no deposit limit for its users. A user can make unlimited deposits in a calendar month without any fee. The platform has nothing to do with this money, nor it can get access directly to or use it without your permission.

Your money would be safe and secure in your vault.

Similarly, there are no defined withdrawal limits as well. You can make unlimited withdrawals and can save your profits somewhere else to keep a check on it. The platform does not charge any commission at the time of withdrawal and the total money will be transferred to the account of the user.

The customer care team of the BitiCodes is highly professional and experienced. They are always available to hear from the customers and always resolve their problems within the given deadline. The team is available 24\7, 365 days a year to support the traders.

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