Rose Teddy Bear Near You the Best Valentine Day Gift Idea

Rose Teddy Bear Near You the Best Valentine Day Gift Idea

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and this means money couples will be thinking of what to get in order to show their dedication to their relationships. Historically, people often opted for bards, roses, and chocolate. But in 2021, people are more environmentally friendly and like to put more thought into gifts.

Rose Bears for Valentine’s Day ensures your partner will receive a high quality, environmentally friendly product which they can keep for years. Read this article to be even more convinced as to why you should be purchasing Rose Bears for Valentine’s Day.

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The History of Valentine’s Day

Celebrated on the 14th of February, the 6th of July, and July 30th respectively, Valentine’s Day is some places referred to as the Feast of Saint Valentine’s. The day has a long history; originally the day was predominately a Christian feast remembering Saint Valentine of Rome. A 3rd century Saint, he is the patron Saint of Epilepsy, but more popularly today he is associated with love. As a priest in the early church, Saint Valentine spent much of his time tending to the sick and, elderly. He was reported to have always been ‘acting with love‘ which attracted people to Christianity, and aided many converts. Disputes vary as to why he was martyred by the Romans, but by that point his legacy of love was far-reaching.

But it is the modern variation of Valentine’s Day which this article will center on. From the 14th-15th century, in England and abroad, Valentine’s Day became associated with courtly love (the love a knight felt for his woman). The day became associated with gifting partners, expressing romantic feelings, and private encounters. Hearts and angels became imagery of the day and, cards were often distributed as Valentine’s Day gifts

Roses & Valentine’s Day Gifting

Roses became a popular gift to give to a loved one from the 17th century onwards. Nearly 500 years later and it is difficult to find a place where the Rose isn’t associated with love. Venus, the goddess of Love, is said to have favored the Rose. Receiving a bouquet of roses is still popular on Valentine’s Day but some feel they’re getting outdated. This is why more and more people are opting for Rose Bears for Valentine’s Day.

The floral industry has been developing for 100’s of years and with that goes the undermining of the impacts of the industry on the environment. A yearly demand for cheap flowers to be pushed to marker has been detrimental in places such as Kenya. Not all flower farms in 2021 are operating at a Fair-trade standard.

Rose Bears for Valentine’s Day

Rose Bears, sometimes called Bears of Roses, have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Rose Bears for Valentine’s Day is quickly replacing Roses or any other traditional gift. When you order a Rose Bear for Valentine’s Day, you receive an artisan product, which comprises over 200 shaped Rose blooms configured like a Bear. Unlike Roses, which are already dying on arrival, and typically only last one week after being cut? Rose Bears typically last 1-3 years, this will vary depending on how much you move and touch the bear.

Unlike other brands, our Rose Bears are all made with high-quality materials, and offer fast shipping. We can ensure that the gift arrives on Valentine’s Day, or before. From 10inches and upwards, you can choose whether your Rose Bear holds a heart or is simply wrapped in a bow. Your Rose Bear will arrive in a beautiful box, and when unwrapped you will have your own little piece of art.

Reasons to buy Rose Teddy Bears for Valentine’s Day

Environmentally Friendly

While historically it was nice to cut roses for Valentine’s Day, this simply isn’t environmentally friendly. Buying a gift such as Rose Bears which last for years is not only better value for money. With it sometimes being difficult to know whether the Rose bouquets bought from the shop are Fair-trade it may be better to opt away for the time being.

The Bears have no odor; they are handmade and, waterproof. The gift will symbolize this day for a long time.

They Are Beautiful

Rose Bears for Valentine’s Day are a beautiful gift. Each bear is handcrafted with love and there are varieties to choose from. You can pick your spouse’s favorite color, choose a size, which is appropriate, and finish the gift with a beautiful personal note. This whole moment could be very personal and beautiful. Not to mention they will have this gift for a long time.

They Are Innovative

The real reason why they have become so popular is that they are a heartwarming innovation that really brings out the spirit of Valentine’s Day. If they go on to stick around for as long as Roses, they will still be around in a few centuries so get in on the innovation now.

They Are For All Ages

Unlike alcohol or other gits, Rose Bears are appropriate for everyone. Regardless of age, ethnicity, or religion. You cannot offend someone by buying them this gift. It won’t simply be a ‘thought that counts’ situation.

A Perfect Gift Idea

While you may have the best night planned already. It doesn’t hurt to compliment the day with the perfect gift. One who conveys your love, and lasts for a long time. As each year goes by, the bears become more expensive as the market for this product is ever-growing. Teddy Bears give a vibe of comfort the Rose Bear gives a vibe of unconditional love. It may be ideal for mother’s day, a birthday, or a baby shower also.

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What are you waiting for? Go and buy your Rose Bear for Valentine’s Day now! Hopefully, this post has not only made you more knowledgeable of the history of Valentine’s day, the rise in popularity in regards to gifting others, the increasing concerns when it comes to the Fair-trading of flower farms, and the rising popularity of Rose Bears.

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