How Invideo Is Becoming One of the Leading Video Editing Company Raising $15 Million

How Invideo Is Becoming One of the Leading Video Editing Company Raising $15 Million

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InVideo is an online video editing software that is mostly used by different companies to make promotional videos. Video marketing has been an essential component in social media advertisements. Companies prefer to make engaging videos and reach out to more customers on social media platforms. 

The Birth of InVideo

The InVideo was launched in 2019. It is a Mumbai-based company that has mastered expanding its reach to several countries and abroad. The chief brains behind such a successful company, Harsh Vakharia, and Sanket Shah, aimed at creating a platform that will promote a new angle in video editing. In this software, the users will be able to edit videos and add features that will increase search engine ranks. 

Therefore, most companies mostly consider such features since they aim to promote their services. The company is funded by big financiers like Sequoia Capital India, Hummingbird, Base, RTP Global, and Tiger Global. The company has managed to raise $15 million in funding for Series A.

Features of InVideo Software

The reason for creating and editing videos are many. Some people do the job for their pleasure. Many companies perform such tasks to reach out more to the customers. The videos that they make are mainly short videos of a maximum duration of 30 seconds. However, they manage to tell the complete story within these 30 seconds. 

Additionally, the companies manage to attract their intended customers’ eyes by introducing several features in their videos. Let us look into some of these features provided by the InVideo software.

Video templates for every social media platform 

Every new user needs a proper video template to start making the video. The template size depends on the social media platform where the video has to be released and the video’s contents. If it is to be released on Facebook or Instagram stories, then a portrait outlook with an aspect ratio of 9:16 is preferred. 

However, a Youtube or a Facebook video post requires the landscape outlook with an aspect ratio of 16:9. If it is an educational video where high picture quality is unnecessary, the landscape aspect is preferred. However, for videos depicting photography skills, the aspect ratio has to match that of the photos themselves. InVideo provides several pre-made templates to its users. If the users are not confident of the right aspect ratio, they can simply choose from the templates made for social media platforms. InVideo has designated these templates using social media websites, making the job easier for the video creators and editors. Have a peek here.

Adding filters

The videos are normally shot in natural light if not shot in a studio. Such videos might look bland due to the low intensity of available light. The light intensity of the video can be increased by adding filters to the video. A warm or lomo-ish filter will increase the red and yellow tinge. Similarly, the mood of the video can be changed based on the filters. 

For example, an older period can be depicted by black and white or Eastman filters. The video creators must use these filters depending on the story that the video wants to depict. When the viewers see the video, they will get to know about the video’s backdrop, and their expectations will be channelized accordingly. 

Adding sound to the video

In every video, the sounds and the actions have to complement each other. You need to add proper background music to enhance your video quality. The background music must not be louder than individual speeches made by the performers in the video. This music is also instrumental in setting up the mood for the video. 

There are several kinds of music in the InVideo library which the user can choose from. There is music for every mood in this library. Additionally, InVideo also provides the option of uploading any music files onto the website to be used in the video. Therefore, the users can decorate their videos with the music they want to associate their services with. 

Adding highlights and stickers

If you are a video creator, you need to understand that you have a maximum of 30 seconds to grab the viewers’ attention. Therefore, you need to add highlighting features in the videos that will make the heads turn. 

InVideo provides several options for adding highlights in the video. The user can add different lighting add-ons to the video to focus on any text or video components. They can also use a series of highlights to guide the viewers through the storyline. There are stickers available on the InVideo website. These stickers can be used to tell an idea in one go. The stickers can be added anywhere on the video to enhance its effects. 

InVideo also provides the option of adding masks to the videos. Masks do not tamper with the aspect ratio of the video. However, the entire chosen segment of the video is shown inside the masks, and the rest portion is filled with a solid color.

Different kind of accounts and individual features of them

InVideo has decided not to monetize every feature that it provides. It has made almost every feature to be freely used by its users. The users can make two kinds of account-free and premium. Free account holders have access to almost all the features included in the software. However, there are extra features available which are meant by premium users. For example, the end product for free account holders contains a watermark of the InVideo company, not for premium account holders. However, the companies have decided to remove this watermark problem for free users as well. The company wants to expand its customer base before monetizing its features.

Final words

After the software release in April 2019, the company has harnessed over 800,000 customers belonging to more than 150 different countries. The videos that have been created with this software are in over 75 different languages. Top companies like ATT, Reuters, P&G, and Dropbox cater to its services and have promoted this software to their clients. Around 80 employees are working in the company, and with the new funding sources, the company is looking for new recruitments.

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