Monday Night Football Giants vs Steelers Live Stream Reddit Online

Monday Night Football Giants vs Steelers Live Stream Reddit Online

With the 2020 NFL season underway and the season opener kick-started by the swashbuckling display of American Football by the Kansas City Chiefs who mauled the Houston Texans 34-20, the NFL fans have a lot to cheer about. The 2019 Super Bowl champions have started their 2020 campaign with the same amount of on-field flair and finesse.

But what has enthralled most of the fans is the return of the NFL. With the season in full swing, this article brings you vital information regarding your favorite match between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants.


Watch Giants vs Steelers Live Streaming 

With the Sky Sports Network in the UK, it will be an effortless affair for any fan who plans to watch the New York Giants try to tame the Pittsburgh Steelers in their home ground. Sky Sports Network offers the Sky Sports Main Event and the Sky Sports NFL channels which bring live action from the entire 2020 NFL season to the fans in the UK while the Sky Go ott streaming service from the same network appears to be the foremost option for the cord-cutters. With a nominal charge of just 39 GBP, an NFL-maniac will be able to view the entire NFL season and numerous other sports. But if his plans revolve only around the NFL 2020 season then he can opt for the daily, weekly, or monthly packages of Sky Sports Game Pass which are priced nominally at 9.99 GBP. 14.99 GBP or 33.99 GBP respectively.

The UK fans can access another brilliant offering from Virgin Media that brings the joys of the NFL to live into their homes. An existing subscriber of Virgin Media can add the NFL broadcasting channels in their viewing package by paying a few additional pounds and get live-action delivered to them. But if you are a new user, Virgin Media allows you to build your Bigger + Sports Bundle at a meager subscription of $ 65 per month.

Giants vs Steelers Live Stream Reddit

With a brilliant social site like Reddit, live coverage of sports, entertainment, and news become a cakewalk. The users of Reddit can view these contents absolutely free of any cost. To get a taste of their coveted action, the users need to create a Reddit account and sign in with valid details. Then he should be looking for a subreddit that directs him to the sporting action between the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers. With a little bit of searching, he can spot the feasible links to the live coverage of the match and subsequently view it absolutely free of cost.

Watching the New York Giants versus the Pittsburgh Steelers live in the US:

ESPN will do a live screening of the Monday-evening game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants.

The 2020 NFL season is being broadcasted very uniquely in the US. To maximize the revenue from television broadcasting rights, the NFL authorities have distributed it amongst broadcasting conglomerates like CBS, NBC, ESPN, Fox, NFL Network, and NFL Redzone. 11 select matches from the 2020 season will be covered live on Amazon Prime Video as well as Twitch. But if an ardent fan wants to view the entire season, he will have to avail of all the above channels. The combined expenditure could be significant financial pain for any user.

This has shifted the momentum in the favour of the cord-cutters who can bag lucrative discounts and offers by getting their hands on off-center streaming services and schemes. The NFL Game Pass comes at a very nominal subscription charge of $ 99, covering the entire 2020 season. But the Stateside Game Pass only allows a replay or a delayed broadcast of every match. Thus you can opt for the International Pro Game Pass that displays every NFL match live at $180 annually or $36 quarterly and is preferred by the crowds.


fuboTV is one of the most preferred TV streaming services for people in the US. Its sports package includes the likes of ESPN, NBC, CBS, Fox, NFL Network, etc.and brings live action from the NFL stadiums at just $60 per month. It is particularly helpful for the fans who want to catch all the live-action spanning the entire NFL season but without incurring a huge financial burden. The NFL Redzone can also be accessed as part of the Sports Plus package with an additional payment of 11 dollars to the subscription. The fuboTV sporting services also allow a 7-day free trial period.

Sling TV:

Sling TV has given the US sports fans effortless access to the NBC, Fox, and ESPN channels and has driven them to a state of mad frenzy with its premium broadcasting services streaming the entire NFL 2020 season live in their rooms. The Orange and the Blue packages, both of them valued at $ 45 offer the enriching NFL-viewing experience at such a nominal subscription rate. But it does not include the NFL Network, Redzone, or the CBS channels. One added feature is that new users get a discounted first-month streaming service if they opt for Sling TV.

Hulu TV:

Hulu has quickly upped its ante and become a crowd favorite amongst the US sporting fans with its massive range of live coverage of sporting and entertainment events. It will also provide the effortless, live coverage of the NFL 2020 season to the excited US fans at a nominal subscription of $ 55 for its monthly sports package. The package includes CBS, NBC, ESPN, and Fox and brings all the premium content related to the NFL, including the Steelers-Giants showdown in tremendous detail and at a reasonable price.

YouTube TV:

YouTube TV is the ultimate destination for live TV streaming services for fans across the world, which brings news, entertainment, and an exhaustive range of sporting action to them. To the fans in the US, YouTube TV brings the best-in-class action from the NFL grounds throughout the 2020 season with the premium offering of NBC, CBS, Fox, and ESPN at a meager monthly cost of just $ 65.

Watching the New York Giants versus the Pittsburgh Steelers live in Canada:

DAZN is the most preferred sports-centric network by the Canadian fans, which covers every bit of live action from the NFL grounds with ease. It is the best place for the NFL-crazy Canadian who doesn’t want to miss any action of the 2020 NFL season.

Watching the New York Giants versus the Pittsburgh Steelers live in Australia:

For an Australian NFL fan, life was not so easy earlier. But with the advent of Kayo Sports and the immersive sports-related content that it offers, the Aussie NFL crazy fan can now stay relaxed. The Sports package of Kayo Sports has been specially curated for the NFL-crazy Aussie with the inclusion of ESPN, thereby making live coverage of the entire NFL 2020 season possible. Since ESPN will be broadcasting the Giants versus the Steelers match, the Aussie NFL fan is at an added advantage. The meager subscription charge of AU $ 35 is very feasible compared to the range of exhaustive NFL action that is up-for-grabs. The exceptional display of the matches will also come at a pocket-friendly rate as the Kayo Sports network provides a 14-day FREE trial period for the first-time user.

Using VPN:

Geo-blocking of apps will prevent the live broadcast of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants matchup even if a person has subscribed to an appropriate package. In that case, he needs to get his hands on a premier VPN service like NordVPN or ExpressVPN which will allow a foolproof IP disguise and offer him a live coverage of the matches in great detail through his subscriptions.

The unprecedented impact of the pandemic caused great dismay for the sports fans:

The coronavirus pandemic has changed lives and the ways of living for people all across the world. The suddenness of the pandemic caused most of the world population to retreat indoors and impacted in the severe disarray of the entire global sporting community. The sporting fans were getting used to the monotonous ways of life without any sporting action to thrill them.

But the NFL authorities pulled up their socks and braved the hostile winds as they became determined to break the cycle of stagnation. They were greeted by a massive jubilant welcome as they decided to organize the 2020 NFL season within an array of safety protocols and stringent protective measures.

The NFL authorities made up their mind to organize the entire season through a dual-organization system which floats the idea of limited in-person attendance in certain matches whereas others will be hosted behind closed doors without any live audience. Each team of the 32 teams will play a 16-match game schedule and every week will host one bunch of 16 matches.

Though this dual-organization system has sparked joy in the hearts of millions of NFL fans, it is not entirely failsafe that has been demonstrated by 60 players stepping down from participation in the 2020 season amidst health and safety concerns. The NFL authorities will be incurring a massive loss of around $ 5.5 billion, as estimated by Forbes. Still, for the NFL fans, the resumption of the season is like bliss and has been greeted with widespread delight.

The match between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants will be played sans spectators after the Giants who are hosting the match did a detailed discussion about the safety regulations to nullify the viral transmission. Joe Judge will be debuting for the delight of the home fans whereas the Pittsburgh Steelers have looked to strengthen their side as they will begin their onslaught with backing from Big Ben.

The venue:

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be kicking off their NFL 2020 season with their match at the Metlife Stadium, located in the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It is one of the largest stadiums in the world and the home of the New York Giants with a record sitting capacity of 82.500 and state-of-the-art technology and amenities.

The date and time:

The clash between the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers will take place on Monday, 14th of September at 7:15 PM ET.

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