Watch NFL Streams Reddit Online Free 2020 HD

Watch NFL Streams Reddit Online Free 2020 HD

If you are into the NFL then you might be following every match of the NFL. It is the most popular sport in America. The NFL has a large fan base across the globe. These fans are very much interested in catching live action of the NFL teams taking on each other.

There are many ways to watch the NFL live, some are the official channel and there are others that are not official, but a large number of channels are charging subscription fees.

Some fans want to watch the NFL events at the venue but due to the ongoing pandemic, this is not possible. So, the best bet is to watch live streaming platforms. Some fans are not interested in spending money and want to watch the event for free. Well, Reddit is the platform for such fans, it is very good and does not charge any money.  Read the whole article to find out how to watch the NFL matches on Reddit.

This guide will help to watch the NFL online on Reddit, you will all about Reddit how to use it, what makes it so unique?

NFL Streams Reddit


Time (ET)

Bills vs Jets Live Stream Reddit

1 PM

Vikings vs Packers Live Stream Reddit

1 PM

Washington vs Eagles Live Stream Reddit

1 PM

Ravens vs Browns Live Stream Reddit

1 PM

Jaguars vs Colts Live Stream Reddit

1 PM

Panthers vs Raiders Live Stream Reddit

1 PM

Lions vs Bears Live Stream Reddit

1 PM

Falcons vs Seahawks Live Stream Reddit

1 PM

Patriots vs Dolphins Live Stream Reddit

1 PM

Bengals vs Chargers Live Stream Reddit

4.05 PM

49ers vs Cardinals Live Stream Reddit

4.25 PM

Saints vs Buccaneers Live Stream Reddit

4.25 PM

Rams vs Cowboys Live Stream Reddit

8.00 PM


Step by Step Guide to Watch the NFL Live Stream Online Reddit

Most of us have been using Reddit in a lot of incorrect ways. What we do is create an account on Reddit and then go to Google to search for the sports event such as the NFL in the search box.  By doing this there are chances of not finding any good links to stream the event. After all, to get a decent link to stream it takes a lot of time searching for better links.

Now let’s see how it is done?

You can find a number of subgroups on Reddit; these are known as subreddits. Basically, these subreddits are forums and the users can discuss a particular topic. You will have to very specific while searching for the event else you can get random results and it will be confusing to find the right link. In a broader perspective, you should search for the groups or the subreddits having large numbers of followers. Start by joining them one by one. This will be step number 1. The second step is to search for the particular NFL subreddit. Here you will find the highest number of groups as well. Again, similar to the first step, you will have to join the groups having a greater number of followers.

The next thing to do is scan the groups in order to search for the link of the NFL. You can also become friends with other users and take their help to find the best link. You can ask the questions.

  1.       Visit the Reddit website.
  2.       You can see two options, login, and signup on the right. Click on the signup.
  3.       A popup will display to enter your email ID.
  4.       Next, you will have set the password and then enter other details.
  5.       After entering the details and clicking on submit, an email will be sent to         your inbox to activate and start the signup procedure. The activation of the email is necessary to receive all the notification.
  6.       Next enter the profile details and upload a picture. This is optional.
  7.       After the account is created you are ready.
  8.       Search for the NFL in the search box.

Several links relating to the NFL live stream are displayed. Some of the other members upload these links which can be chosen keeping in mind the quality of the video and watch the NFL event.

These links are better subreddits and can be streamed from any device that is compatible. Make sure to check while clicking on any link as the platform is free you will find a lot of links that are not safe and might be harmful. Also make sure there are no ads in the links. Being active in subreddits and if you ask questions it will help. You should not hesitate to ask for links from other users. Just be bold and we are sure that in a short span you will be able to find one or more links that are of good quality and you can live stream the NFL event.

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