Bills vs Jets Live Stream Reddit Free NFL Streams

Bills vs Jets Live Stream Reddit Free NFL Streams

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the people were worried about keeping their safety and protecting their peers and had no time to think about sports. Though the spike in the upward curve of the COVID-affected people continues throughout the world, the fans of American Football are in for a breather. With the entire sporting community, the NFL also suffered a major setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented magnitude across the US. But the horizons are looking clearer as the football season is back with a bang.With the season opener resulting in the 34-20 win for last year’s Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs over their bitter rivals Houston Texans, the NFL season is already underway. Overcoming this crisis and finally to the joy and exuberance of the millions of fans, the American Football scene has finally commenced. With the American Football season in full throttle again, it is time for the teams to start gearing up for the upcoming scintillating battle royale between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills.


How to Watch Bills vs Jets Live Streaming Reddit?

Sky Sport is the most feasible and unarguably the best option to watch the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets match live in the UK. The live screening of the match will take place on its Sky Sports NFL and Sky Sports Main Event channels. Sky Go is an ott streaming service of the Sky Network which can emerge to be the most exciting choice for cord-cutters in the UK to watch the premium content related to the match. An eager NFL fan can opt for a cable subscription package of Sky network channels worth 39 GBP per month or if he wants to go exclusively for NFL, he can purchase the daily, weekly, or monthly packages of Sky Sports Game Pass at just 9.99 GBP. 14.99 GBP or 33.99 GBP respectively.  The individual Game Passes will allow him to stream all the desired NFL action in great detail.

Going for an upgrade by adding a few pounds with the already existing Virgin Media package is also a viable option for the UK-based fans to watch the NFL match live. A new subscriber of Virgin Media, on the other hand, can opt to view the matches by purchasing the Bigger + Sports Bundle offered by Virgin Media at just 65 GBP per month.

Bills vs Jets Live Stream Reddit Free

Reddit is one of the best social media sites that allows the coverage of sports and premier entertainment events for its users live and in vivid detail for absolutely free. Its users who are popularly known as the Redditers need to use their accounts to provide the live-action links and the media related to these sporting or entertainment events. If you are an NFL crazy fan and you want to access the premium content regarding the NFL showdown between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets, you just need to create an account on Reddit and log in to it with the relevant credentials that you have. The next step involves searching a relevant subreddit that is directly linked to your coveted game. With some luck and perseverance, you will get access to a live-streaming link that is displaying the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets match for absolutely FREE.

Watching the Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets live in the US:

The Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets match will be screened live on CBS.
For the American football fans of the US, there exists a flurry of alternatives where live coverage of the 2020 NFL season is concerned. The official rights to cover these NFL matches live have been distributed by the NFL authorities to cable networks such as Fox, CBS, NBC, ESPN, NFL Redzone, and NFL Network. 11 of the NFL matches will also be broadcasted by Amazon Prime Video and Twitch. However, it is imperative that one has to subscribe to all the above-mentioned channels simultaneously to catch the entire season live, and therefore it could be a financial burden to them.

For the cord-cutters in the US, there are attractive schemes that will ease the supposed financial burden and yet allow them live coverage to the entire NFL season. An enthusiastic NFL fan can purchase the NFL Game Pass for the amount of only $ 99, for the entire 2020 NFL season.. The Stateside Game Pass will allow you access to only the deferred broadcast of the games and therefore, you need to purchase the International Pro Game Pass for $180 for an entire season or $36 per quarter to get the live coverage of every game in great detail.


fuboTV is a favored TV streaming service for the US citizens that includes channels like ESPN, NBC, CBS, NFL Network, Fox, etc. which will be broadcasting the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets match live. The package is valued at only $ 60 per month and will therefore be a handy choice for all the sports fans who don’t want to subscribe to a flurry of channels and pay a huge sum for them. The Sports Plus plan that will cost an additional 11 dollars will grant you access to the NFL Redzone as well. The 7-day free trial of fuboTV is a deal you don’t want to miss out on.

Sling TV:

Sling TV has grown in popularity since its inception and is one of the most exceptional TV streaming services for the US citizens that offers the Orange and Blue packages at only $ 45 every month. These packages contain channels like Fox, ESPN, NBC. Although they do not include many channels like CBS, NFL Network, and NFL Redzone, the first-month subscription of Sling TV is discounted and is a deal worth considering.

Hulu TV:

Hulu has emerged as a great online TV streaming service for fans based in the US. The Hulu subscription is priced at $ 55 per month and offers channels such as NBC, Fox, ESPN, and CBS as a part of its plan that gives you live coverage of the NFL matches in great detail. But the NFL Network and NFL Redzone are not included under it.

YouTube TV:

Now, this needs no explanation. YouTube TV is synonymous with being the most exceptional and the most preferred TV streaming service in the entire world. It allows you access to the NFL games by offering you channels like Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN for a meager monthly subscription of $65.

Watching the Buffalo Bills vs the New York Jets in Canada:

All kinds of premium content regarding the NFL 2020 showdown between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets is available to the NFL fans in Canada through a subscription of the DAZN network. DAZN is a premium service that is dedicated to sports fans across the country.

Watching the Buffalo Bills vs the New York Jets in Australia:

For the Aussie sports viewers who also happen to be NFL fans, there is an exciting new choice in the form of Kayo Sports, which is an emerging sports-centric network that is taking the Aussie media by storm. For the NFL-crazy fans, Kayo Sports will be a good option for catching the Buffalo Bills versus the New York Jets match live. The enthusiastic Aussie NFL fans can pay a nominal price of AU $ 35 monthly and opt for the package which includes ESPN and will allow them to view the NFL matches of the entire 2020 season live. The 14-day free trial is an exciting deal that is available to the first-time subscribers of Kayo Sports package and they can take full advantage of it.

Using VPN:

There might be the likes of a lot of sports fans who can’t access the above-mentioned services from their respective locations due to advanced geo-blocking features that are implemented. But you don’t need to lose your heart. Getting your hands on a VPN software like Express VPN or NordVPN to disguise your IP will allow you to access the sports streaming services that are exclusively meant for foreign servers.

The effect of the pandemic:

The sudden and unprecedented surge in the COVID-19 transmission graph most predominantly in the US had effectively resulted in the cancellation of pre-season American football. But the NFL authorities decided to not linger on and not terminate the joys of the sporting fans. They have decided to go forward by implementing a stringent dual system of hosting the matches and this would enable them to protect the staff and players and keep them healthy and safe against the virus, while the season is in full swing. Due to this, some matches will have a limited amount of live attendance, but some like the one between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets will be organized behind closed doors without any live attendance.

The venue:

The Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets match will take place at the home ground of the Buffalo Bills at the prodigious Bills Stadium, located at Orchard Park, New York.

The date and time:

The Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets match will take place on Sunday, 13th of September at 1 PM ET.

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