Disabled and Comfortable: The Benefits of Gel Wheelchair Cushions

Disabled and Comfortable: The Benefits of Gel Wheelchair Cushions

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Studies have shown that there are almost 3 million Americans who use wheelchairs on a regular basis.

Some of these people only use wheelchairs every now and then to get around due to an injury. Others are disabled and have to rely on wheelchairs all the time.

If you have a disability that forces you to utilize a wheelchair, there are certain wheelchair accessories that you should pick up for it to make your life a little easier. A wheelchair cushion, for example, will work wonders for you when it comes to keeping you comfortable.

And you shouldn’t buy just any old wheelchair cushion. Instead, you should invest in one of the best gel wheelchair cushions on the market today. They’ll make sitting in a wheelchair more pleasant than it would be otherwise by helping you get comfy each and every time you sit down in one.

Take a look at some of the top benefits of putting a gel wheelchair cushion to good use below.

They’re a Huge Upgrade Over the Cushions That Come With Wheelchairs

When you buy a wheelchair for yourself, it’s going to come with a seat cushion in it already. But the second that you sit down on it, you’re going to find that it’s not going to get the job done as far as keeping you comfortable is concerned.

Oftentimes, the cushions that come with wheelchairs aren’t as comfy as people want them to be. They tend to flatten out fast and stop providing people with any support before long. This is obviously not a situation that you want to find yourself in if you have to sit in a wheelchair all day long.

A gel wheelchair cushion will help you get around this issue. It’ll prove to be a big upgrade over the cushion in your wheelchair in no time at all. You’ll wonder why you ever thought about trying to make do with the cushion that came with your wheelchair.

They’re Designed to Provide You With the Proper Support and Reduce Pain

One of the first things that you’ll notice when you sit down on a gel wheelchair cushion for the first time is that it’ll hug you in all the right places. That is by design, as gel wheelchair cushions are built to mold to your body so that they’re able to provide it with the proper amount of support.

It doesn’t matter if you’re tall and skinny, short and stout, or somewhere in between. Your gel wheelchair cushion will adapt to your specific body so that it gets the support that it needs.

This support is going to reduce a lot of the pain that you would normally feel while sitting in your wheelchair. You won’t have to worry about dealing with pain in your back, hips, or legs as a result of your wheelchair.

You also won’t have to worry about your body slipping and sliding all over the place in your wheelchair. It’ll stay in one place thanks to your wheelchair cushion doing its job.

They’re Made to Keep You Cool at All Times

When you spend hours and hours on end sitting in a wheelchair, it’s not going to be long before you start to get hot. A lot of heat can build up in and around your body when you’re seated in a wheelchair for an extended period of time.

This is yet another area in which a gel wheelchair cushion can help you out. You’re going to find that it’ll be so much easier to keep your body cool, even when you’re parked in your wheelchair for the better part of an entire day.

The best gel wheelchair cushions have strategically-placed ventilation holes in them that are made to keep you cool. Even if you spend several hours sitting in your wheelchair, these holes will continue to keep your seat cool so that it doesn’t transfer too much heat in your direction.

If you’re someone who is always sweating while sitting in your wheelchair, you might be surprised to see just how effective a gel wheelchair cushion can be.

They’re Great for More Than Just Wheelchairs

You are, for the most part, going to want to use a gel wheelchair cushion primarily for when you’re using your wheelchair. That is, after all, what the cushion is made for.

But once you sit down on a gel wheelchair cushion and realize just how comfortable it can be, you’re not going to want to limit it to just your wheelchair. You’re going to want to start breaking it out anytime you have to sit down on any surface.

It’s not uncommon at all for people to purchase a gel wheelchair cushion and then move it from place to place to keep them comfy. You can use a gel wheelchair cushion in the car, on an office chair, or even when you’re seated in a recliner.

No matter where you decide to use a gel wheelchair cushion, it’ll keep on providing you with the comfort that you would expect. It’s just the right size for almost any seat you can imagine.

They’re Machine Washable

If you make it a point to use a gel wheelchair cushion pretty much everywhere throughout the course of a day, it’s not going to be long before dirt, dust, and other debris start to take a toll on it. It’s going to begin to look worse for wear before too long at all.

This might be a big problem with other types of wheelchair cushions. It’s not always easy to find a good way to wash them.

But this won’t be an issue at all with a gel wheelchair cushion. Reason being, you can wash this kind of wheelchair cushion right in your washing machine and make it look like new again within just an hour or two.

This might just be the most underrated feature of a gel wheelchair cushion. You’ll love how easy it is to maintain it and keep it clean over time.

They’re Not Expensive at All

After you look at all the benefits of gel wheelchair cushions listed here, you might be under the impression that they must cost a small fortune. You’re looking at paying at least $100 or so for one, right?

This couldn’t be further from the truth. While buying a wheelchair cushion will require an investment on your part, you can get your hands on one for less than $50 in most cases. And that’s a great gel wheelchair cushion, not a bargain bin one that’s going to fall apart on you in a few days.

Unfortunately, your health insurance company isn’t going to cover the costs associated with buying a wheelchair cushion. But it won’t matter when you see how affordable they can be.

You might even want to pick up a few wheelchair cushions for yourself if you can afford to do it. You can place them throughout your house so that you always have one handy. You can also ensure that you’re able to stick one into the washing machine while still having others around to use.

They’re Approved by Most Doctors

You might be a little bit concerned about what your doctor is going to say about you using a gel wheelchair cushion. Will they allow you to stick it on your wheelchair when you’re using it?

The good news is that just about all doctors are going to give you the go-ahead when you ask them if it’s OK for you to use a gel wheelchair cushion. They’ll love that your new cushion will provide you with more than enough support and stop you from experiencing any pain when you’re in your wheelchair.

They’ll also love that you’re not allowing the fact that you’re disabled to hold you back. They’ll encourage you to do whatever it takes to turn your wheelchair into a tool that provides you with an opportunity to live a life that’s as normal as possible.

You should speak with your doctor about the other steps you can take to make your wheelchair more versatile than it’ll already be when you put a gel seat cushion in it. They might be able to provide you with some tips on how to use it more effectively as well as some advice on which wheelchair accessories you should invest in right away.

You Don’t Have to Be Uncomfortable in a Wheelchair Because You’re Disabled

Just because you’re disabled doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to ride around in a wheelchair in complete comfort. You should do whatever you can to make your wheelchair as comfortable as you can get it.

Plopping a gel wheelchair cushion down is one of the easiest steps you can take when trying to make your wheelchair comfier. You’ll love the difference that you feel when you sit down on it.

Would you like to find out about other ways to make your wheelchair more comfortable? Read the articles on our blog to get some useful tips.

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