PSG vs Bayern Live Stream Reddit: UCL Final 2020 date, start time and  TV channels for free

PSG vs Bayern Live Stream Reddit: UCL Final 2020 date, start time and  TV channels for free

On August 24, one of the greatest soccer matches in the Champions League Final is about to take place in Lisbon. 

It may even turn out as a history-maker. Even ESPN’s great sports commentator, Frank Leboeuf declared it as a “chess match.” 

If Leboeuf is right, it’s gonna be toe to toe between both teams. Anyway, important updates for such a wonderful match shouldn’t be missed out. Let’s figure them out! 

When is the 2020 UEFA Champions League  Final?

The 2020 Champions League final will be played on Sunday August 23. The match will kick-off at 8pm BST (3pm ET).

How to watch or stream PSG vs Bayern Munich Live Stream Reddit?

TUDN, Univision and CBS will alll be showing the Champions League final live on U.S. TV.

The game will be available to stream live online using Univision NOW, CBS All Access and the TUDN app.

Live Stream: Watch Here

What is the Champions League Final About? 

The Champions League final is the last match of the UCL Final 2020 or UEFA Champions League, which is also known as European Cup.  

The Union of European Football Association, in short UEFA, organizes this football competition annually.

Fans can barely survive without watching PSG vs Bayern live stream on TV. Why would they?  

On one end, PSG is a professional football club, which represents French soccer well. On the other, the Bayern Munich football team has shown miracles in Germany. Of course, we’re talking about legends here. 

3 Key Areas Bayern Munich Will Look to Exploit PSG

Both teams are quite aggressive on the field. Especially Bayern Munich! To win one of the biggest trophies in the European soccer, they won’t hesitate to cross lines. As a matter of fact, Bayern Munich is planning to focus on 3 major weak areas of PSG:

  1. PSG’s midfielders, Marco Verratti, Leandro Paredes, and Marquinhos are brilliant in their own game. However, they lack a systematic play as a team.
  2. PSG midfielders and back-line can’t handle counter-pressing well. On the other hand, Bayern Munich possesses a ferocious counter-pressing style, which is enough to blow PSG out of the water.
  3. Most importantly, PSG’s deadly attack eventually makes them vulnerable. Their wing position, if not covered well, becomes easily penetrable by the counter attackers.

The Role of Serge Gnabry in Sending Bayern to the Final

Serge Gnabry is the real deal from FC Bayern who helped in defeating Olympique Lyonnais with a score of 3-0 last Wednesday. There Serge Gnabry played a dominant game that took his team to the finals of the Champions League.

It’s going to be the sixth Champions League Final for the Bayern Munich football club.

Bayern Munich has already defended Barcelona and Chelsea in this season. Now, they are going against the Paris football team in the finals.

What Jose Mourinho Said on PSG’s Failure

The Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho said, “it is a failure for Paris Saint Germain that they could not win any Champions League trophy yet.” 

Mourinho brought to notice the hefty amount of money that has been spent by the PSG club on its players in the past decade. In this season, PSG paid more for Neymar and Mbappe than Bayern paid for its whole 23-men team.

PSG has made it to the finals of UCL for the first time this year. Whereas, their opponent team Bayern Munich is a five times winner of the UCL cup. So, PSG should be ready for a strong on-field competition.

Who are the Referees of Champions League Final

Italian football referee Daniele Orsato has been selected as the main referee of the Champions League Final. He is a 44-year old and has presided as a referee in eight-matches in 2020 Champions League, including Real Madrid’s first-leg against Manchester City.

The assistant referees will be Italian referees Lorenzo Manganelli and Alessandro Giallatini.

The fourth official of the match will be Ovidiu Hategan from Romania.

Apart from them, Massimiliano Irrati from Italy, Marco Guida from Italy, Roberto Diaz Perez del Palomer of Spain, and Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez of Spain are chosen as VAR, VAR assistant, Offside VAR, and VAR support respectively. 

Where Should We Watch Paris Saint-Germain vs Bayern Munich Live Stream Reddit? 

Generally, most people will watch Paris Saint-Germain vs Bayern live stream on ESPN, but if you prefer some alternatives to stream PSG vs Bayern live online, you can try FuboTV, Sling, Hulu, or YouTube TV free trial. 

Have a great soccer day in the UCL Final 2020.

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