Online Gambling: A Safer Alternative In Troubled Times

Online Gambling: A Safer Alternative In Troubled Times

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Ensuring a safe way for players to bet and gamble online has been a priority for many, for many years – this is something that has been seen most recently within the UK as the initiative known as Gamstop has been launched in a bid to provide a safe space for users to self-register to reduce options to participate, and although a number of sites are registering outside of Gamstop and you can find them here, it may now be more important than ever to look at online gambling as a safer alternative.

This safety is more important than ever as offline brick and mortar locations are beginning to open, and not in the best possible way either. The re-opening of Las Vegas had been much anticipated, and shortly after doing so, it was clear why – atriums had been filled as casinos and hotels quickly found themselves laden with guests – but the success could only be considered short-lived in many ways, although the state of Nevada issued mandatory requirements for employees to wear face masks, the same was not true for guests – the footage was quickly shown of people walking through these casinos showing guests not adhering to social distancing and not wearing face masks, and the results show. Nearly two weeks to the day following the reopening, Vegas saw it’s highest single-day increase in cases since the start of May, and it had largely been attributed to these locations.

As sporting events begin to return on a wider scale across the world, sports betting will be the next thing to return as it has done in Europe, with this in mind it’s important that a safer alternative is found and implemented – and this alternative may be found in online gambling. What may be needed now is the widespread adoption of legalized online gambling and betting to serve as this safe online choice, whilst it has widely been accepted across Europe there are still many states in the US where online betting isn’t legalized, this will lead many to head back into the brick and mortar locations and continue the cycle of the virus spreading as has already been seen in sin city.

If a decision is to be made, however, it must be one made soon – a big focus and priority is being placed on economic recovery and if these locations are to be reopened it must be done in a safe manner, if they’re unable to reopen in a safe manner then there should be options available to these operators to do so in other ways, with online perhaps being the only option available to many. If methods similar to those implemented in the UK and other countries are needed, it only continues to serve as added safety on the process – it does, however, show an increasing desire and need for many to have this alternative to turn to, and as this pandemic has shown, an increasing need for change to ensure safety in both business and to the individuals playing.

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