Same-sex marriage implementation delayed, debate postponed until Friday

February 16, 2012

Amendments and debate on the same-sex marriage bill in the House of Delegates were postponed until Friday to give delegates more time to consider amendments. But not before an amendment to delay the implementation date of the bill to Jan. 1, 2013 was added by voice vote. [...more]

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Hundreds rally for same-sex marriage on Monday night

February 14, 2012

Beneath the monument to Thurgood Marshall with the engraved words “Equal Justice Under Law,” around 800 advocates for same-sex marriage rallied on Lawyer’s Mall on Monday evening. Organized by the Marylanders for Marriage Equality coalition, which consists of several state and national organizations, the rally and lobby day -- which flooded House and Senate offices with 15,000 signed postcards urging support for the bill -- came as supporters continue to round up the votes needed to pass the bill in the House of Delegates. [...more]

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