O’Malley says gas and flush tax hikes may be part of 2013 budget

December 30, 2011

Gov. Martin O’Malley told reporters Thursday that “yes, perhaps” tax hikes would be part of next year’s proposed budget as part of a “balanced approach,” but he declined to be more specific. [...more]

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Liquor legislation is complicated, confusing and very local

March 16, 2010

From beer tastings in Washington County and a wine festival in Garrett, from caterer's licenses in Somerset to micro-breweries around the state, there are 68 bills relating to minute changes in alcohol regulation making their way through the General Assembly this year. Most only affect one jurisdiction, like a bill for a dance hall license in Prince George's County, or even parts of a jurisdiction, such as the closing hours for bars in downtown Baltimore and the percentage of food restaurants with liquor licenses can sell in Baltimore's upscale Harbor East. [...more]

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