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State Roundup, March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014

Miller, Busch set aside crossover differences to get bills passed; state alters health-care signup, allowing those who start enrollment by March's end to finish later; bail system overhaul continues to vex lawmakers; small zoos get a break in wild animal bill; coalition seeks to amend wage bill to give tipped workers a raise; Senate OKs bill for higher pay for school construction workers; Sen. Edwards continues push to allow bow hunters to carry handguns; two Democratic gubernatorial candidates offer health insurance to some campaign workers while one offers monetary boost; and a GOP gubernatorial candidate is disqualified. [...more]

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State Roundup, March 18, 2014

March 18, 2014

On Monday, it was Crossover Day, it’s St. Patrick’s Day and it’s snowing: House pushes through medical marijuana and expanded pre-K among other bills before adjourning early, eliciting a reaction from Senate President Miller; medical marijuana bill would attempt to fix last year’s bill that proved unworkable; pre-K would be extended to 1,600 more kids; House also passes “shield” law to help those with misdemeanor violations get work; Senate passes hike in tax credits to film, TV production companies; bill to expand “medical apology” protection dies; health care signup deadline looms; data of some Marylanders with disabilities is hacked; gubernatorial candidate Hogan in Western Maryland; and Leggett introduces Montgomery operating budget. [...more]

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State Roundup, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

General Assembly revisits medical marijuana law to make it easier for patients to obtain the drug; Senate OKs decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana on a 36 to 8 vote; bill to ban gay conversion therapy withdrawn as sponsors hope to look into regulatory avenue instead; bill to slow Somerset County wind project OK'd in House; distracted driving bill also passes House; recent college computer hacking cases force schools to reassess their cyber security systems; teachers union backs Sen. Frosh for attorney general; gubernatorial candidates make lots of promises, but do they know how they will pay for them?; LaFerla challenges Sen. Harris over statements on Phosphorus Management Tool; some defendants charged by Baltimore City prosecutors find themselves detained longer with no court hearing; and someone poses as Mayor Rawlings-Blake for phony promises on Instagram account. [...more]

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State Roundup, March 14, 2014

March 14, 2014

Pot decriminalization, medical marijuana supporters converge on Annapolis to show support for legislation; House of Delegates OKs bill requiring retailers to let customers know when they are tracking via mobile phones; strongly supported House bill would require businesses who receive at least $50,000 in state aid to file a report on fund usage; Del. Smigiel stars in and a creates a controversy with open-carry firearms video; Senate OKs bill to require drivers to move over to avoid tow trucks at roadside emergencies; Senate backs bill to delay using Common Core tests to evaluate teachers; BWI workers seeking union rally in Annapolis, stage an arrest; Baltimore County to get partially elected school board; Baltimore City ministerial alliance backs Gansler for governor; and Baker introduces Prince George's budget. [...more]

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State Roundup, March 13, 2014

March 13, 2014

State Senate rejects Republican efforts at more cuts to O'Malley's budget, gives $39 billion spending plan preliminary approval; marijuana decriminalization bill gets Senate OK with two amendments aimed toward drug treatment; Goucher poll finds that legalization not supported as strongly as decriminalization; bill targets minors who seek access to gambling venues; legislation would penalize property owners who leave properties unkempt; House of Delegates backs bill to reform speed camera ticketing system; and on the gubernatorial campaign trail, Craig would roll back gun laws; Mizeur says more needs to be done to enroll people in Medicaid; Gansler ad portrays him as a fighter and Brown would keep 3% cap on college tuition hikes. [...more]

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State Roundup, March 12, 2014

March 12, 2014

Sponsor of Holocaust reparations bills says he won't put funding of Purple Line at risk; amendments expected on pot decriminalization bill; legislation would require labeling of genetically modified food; resolution urges Washington Redskins' owner to change football team's name; in an effort to cut recidivism, legislation would shield some ex-offenders from background checks to get them back to work; local bills would revamp Baltimore City's liquor board, boost funding for Frederick County initiatives; Howard Dean PAC backs Mizeur for governor; and Gansler touts roots as he seeks to be state's first governor from Montgomery. [...more]

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State Roundup, March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014

Federal review of state's health exchange welcomed by both parties, even as Gov. O'Malley criticizes U.S. Rep. Harris for calling for probe; senators seeks to stall implementation of added phosphorus regulations; GOP lawmakers object to attempt to lift statute of limitation on using handgun in commission of a crime; lawmakers ponder creation of state retirement plan for private employees; testimony refutes contention that rail company willingly and for profit transported Jews to death camps during World War II; Natural Resource Department finally gets its secretary; and U.S. Rep. Ruppersberger gets a primary foe. [...more]

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State Roundup, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

U.S. Rep. Harris says a federal inspector general will probe Maryland's troubled health insurance exchange; House of Delegates OKs minimum wage hike; Senate Budget Committee seeks to fill budget hole, saves Chesapeake Bay cleanup fund; House overwhelmingly agrees to cut the estate tax, arriving at the federal level in 2019. Del. Mizeur speaks out against the cut; House panel to take up issue of banning Holocaust-connected business from doing business with the state; state's top court stands firm on decision to give defendants attorney at initial bail review; distracted drivers, pit bull liability and pot decriminalization get votes; legislation would afford more protection for health professionals who apologize for care; and Democratic gubernatorial candidates address education issues in Baltimore City. [...more]

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State Roundup, March 7, 2014

March 7, 2014

O'Malley to seek to restore provision to tie minimum-wage increase to inflation; meanwhile, O'Malley speaks with group of business owners who say higher minimum-wage is good for their businesses; drop in online sales, sluggish economy and weather all blamed for cut in state revenue projections; fees on pesticides could be raised to pay for studies into their use; House passes legislation to tighten protections from domestic violence; legislation seeks to keep privacy laws in step with new technologies utilized by law enforcement; bill could keep some taxi-like services from PSC regulation; after 40 years in politics, Liz Bobo prepares to retire; and Gansler once again goes after O'Malley administration over health exchange problems. [...more]

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State Roundup, March 6, 2014

March 6, 2014

House rejects attempts to amend minimum wage bill, appears ready to pass it on Friday despite a bit of contention during hearing; House committee kills bill that would repeal the state's stormwater fee; federal GAO intends to look at state health exchanges, could give Maryland's the once-over; senator proposes single-payer health system similar to Vermont's; lawyers line up on both sides of bill to cap non-economic damages for catastrophic injuries; Frederick County sheriff's raise finds an opponent in immigration advocate; Brown, Gansler to begin rolling out campaign commercials; and Post assesses Leggett's charges about Duncan's record. [...more]

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