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Dueling bills aim to help illegal immigrants or to punish them

March 12, 2014

State lawmakers are considering bills that would decide whether local police should help the federal government detain suspected illegal immigrants for deportation. Two delegates from opposite parties are advocating two completely different approaches to address how extensively local law enforcement agencies should cooperate with a federal program that identifies people for deportation as soon as they are arrested. [...more]

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Legislature extends Md. driver’s licenses for immigrants here illegally

April 7, 2013

A bill granting immigrants in the country illegally with access to a legal driver’s license passed in the House of Delegates Friday after heated debate. The bill has already been approved in the Senate and awaits the governor’s signature. The legislation extends a program allowing Marylanders to obtain a driver’s license without proving they are in the country legally or have a valid Social Security number – bringing issues of immigration, terrorism and compassion to the debate. [...more]

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Democrats consolidate power in Maryland with victories for Obama, Congress, questions

November 7, 2012

In a state already dominated by Democrats, Maryland voters further consolidated the party’s power Tuesday. The voters defeated the longest serving Republican congressman, clobbered congressional challengers to six Democratic incumbents, and approved all the ballot measures the great majority of Republican legislators had opposed, including same-sex marriage and expanded gambling. [...more]

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Md. Dems out vote Republicans 3 to 1 in early voting

November 4, 2012

Maryland Democrats, particularly Democratic women, clobbered Republicans in early voting turnout. It’s hard to say what impact this huge Democratic turnout might have for the final results, since no Democratic incumbents in Maryland are considered vulnerable. [...more]

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Immigrant ‘Dreamers’ apply in droves for new program, thousands now expected to attend college

August 16, 2012

The energy, excitement and raw emotion was undeniable as an estimated 1,000 “dreamers” showed up at CASA de Maryland's Langley Park center Wednesday for its inaugural application clinic, kicking off President Obama’s new deferred deportation program. [...more]

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Delaney courts Latino youth, embraces ‘clear and short path’ to citizenship

July 17, 2012

At the Rockville campus of Montgomery College, where the Maryland Dream Act debate began, Sixth District Congressional candidate John Delaney told the crowd of Latino students he strongly supported the federal Dream Act and a “clear and short path” to citizenship for the country’s undocumented population. [...more]

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Republicans try to curb benefits for illegal immigrants

February 21, 2012

Republicans are again trying to curb public benefits for illegal immigrants, as they have repeatedly in past years, against the continued opposition of social service groups. [...more]

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Appeal of Friday’s tuition referendum ruling will be ‘frivolous,’ petition leader says

February 19, 2012

Circuit Court Judge Ronald Silkworth ruled Friday that a referendum to challenge a new law granting in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants can go forward on this November’s ballot. The attorney for Casa de Maryland said he will appeal, but the petition leader said the appeals court will uphold the judge's ruling, and the petition will be on the November ballot. [...more]

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State commission says immigrants improve Maryland economy

February 10, 2012

Immigrants – both legal and unauthorized – have made positive contributions to Maryland in terms of the economy and education, and the state needs to take a common-sense approach to future policy, according to a new report from a state commission on immigration. [...more]

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Immigrant advocacy group asks judge to quash tuition referendum

January 29, 2012

An immigrant advocacy group argued in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Friday to invalidate a referendum petition meant to strike down a new law granting in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants. The law was held up last July when a petition drive led by Republicans delegates gathered twice the signatures needed to put the measure on November’s ballot. [...more]

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