Oyster by Torben Rick Typical_Native_American_Oyster_Deposit._Trowel_for_scale._This_one_is_-1000_years_old

Prehistoric Native Americans harvested Bay oysters sustainably, study finds

Native Americans around the Chesapeake Bay may have lived hand to mouth in prehistoric times, but they apparently never got so desperate or greedy that they depleted a readily available food source: the estuary’s once-abundant oysters. That’s the upshot of a new study looking at Bay oyster sizes and harvesting activity through the ages

Demonstrators last May at Baltimore City hall. Photo by Susan Melkisethian with Flickr Creative Commons License

The Nero verdicts: What a little justice looks like

After reading Judge Barry Williams 25-page explanation of his not guilty verdicts in the trial of Baltimore Police Officer Edward Nero, it can easily be said that this is what a little justice looks like. An experienced, diligent jurist, after listening to all the testimony, goes through the case presented by the state charge by charge, and judges the facts by the law. That's how criminal charges are supposed to be judged -- though it often doesn't happen.

): A wooden marker labeled “R.W./LOD” sits outside Wanderly Calderon’s front door, marking the right of way and “limits of disturbance,” according to the Maryland Transit Administration. The construction by her home will make way for the Purple Line light rail, which will travel in an underground tunnel before surfacing at an entrance across the street.

Purple Line Divided: Major impact on townhomes in Silver Spring

At least 16 townhomes on Arliss Street in Silver Spring have front yards that will be used to make way for the Purple Line. Construction for the 16.2-mile double-track light rail, which will run from Bethesda in Montgomery County to New Carrollton in Prince George’s County, will take place just feet away from residents’ front doors.

Gregory Sanders is a long time public transit advocate and the vice president of the Purple Line NOW coalition. His father, Harry Sanders, first proposed the Purple Line.

Purple Line Divided: $5.6 billion light rail moving forward

Connecting Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, the $5.6 billion light rail system will accommodate transfers to the red, green and orange Metro lines, and will link to Amtrak and MARC trains. Construction is set to begin as early as later this year, with the transit line being fully operational by spring of 2022.