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Common Core survey results released, but show discrepancy

April 3, 2014

Last week, the State Board of Education was shown the results of a survey about Common Core curriculum standards which found "Many Md. teachers, principals unprepared for Common Core,” as reported here. But the survey was not actually released until now, and it misreports one finding of an earlier teacher survey. [...more]

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Common Core relief bills heading to governor

April 2, 2014

The Maryland Senate took action Wednesday on three bills that address concerns over the implementation of new Common Core curriculum standards across the state. Two of those bills will immediately head to the governor’s desk for signature. [...more]

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Senate rejects ban on school board members running for higher office

March 30, 2014

The Maryland Senate reversed itself Friday, and rejected a proposed ban prohibiting members of the school board in Anne Arundel County from running for higher office. [...more]

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Bill would ban school board members from running for higher office

March 27, 2014

The Senate gave preliminary approval Thursday to a bill that would restrict members of the Anne Arundel Board of Education from running for public office during their five-year term, even if they resign early. The bill generated an unusual battle over a local bill. [...more]

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Many Md. teachers, principals unprepared for Common Core, official state survey finds

March 25, 2014

Less than a quarter of Maryland teachers said they were "very familiar" with the Common Core State Standards when asked about it last fall, according to a survey conducted for the Maryland State Department of Education. The survey found that roughly half of teachers, 55%, said they were "somewhat familiar" with Common Core, while 24% said they were not familiar with the standards at all. [...more]

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Prince George’s Schools: Auditors find millions in overpayments, inefficiencies, lack of controls

The Prince George’s County Public School System overpaid employees millions of dollars because of lax controls on payrolls and “sick-leave banks,” according to one of many repeat findings by legislative auditors. The audit also found that hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment and expenses within the school system do not have proper oversight and safeguards. Among the findings: $200 million of equipment is not adequately protected against theft or loss by inventory tracking systems; regular physical inventory counts; and researching missing property. [...more]

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State legislatures see rise in bills targeting Common Core

March 23, 2014

State legislatures will double their efforts this year to change, slow down or outright repeal Common Core, the new standards-based education curriculum that 45 states and the District of Columbia began adopting in 2010. Several bills working their way through the Maryland General Assembly this session are part of this trend. [...more]

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Higher wages for state-funded construction pass Senate, House

March 18, 2014

Workers on many local school construction projects would be paid at a higher rate under a prevailing wage bill approved Tuesday by the Maryland Senate. The bill would increase overall construction costs by as much as 5%, estimates the state Department of Legislative Services. [...more]

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House sends hundreds of bills to Senate; public information, Common Core among topics

In a flurry of activity to meet Monday's deadline for bills sent to the Senate for action, the House of Delegates passed over 210 bills since Friday, most of them with unanimous or near unanimous votes. [...more]

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Common Core legislation advances; use of tests for teacher evaluations would be delayed

March 14, 2014

Legislation designed to solve problems created by the implementation of the Common Core curriculum standards advanced in the House and Senate Thursday. A bill to delay the use of testing on Common Core standards in teacher evaluations until 2016-2017 passed the Senate with only one dissenting vote, while the House version received a favorable report from the Ways and Means Committee, sending it to the House floor. [...more]

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