Free meals program will expand to more Maryland schools

Through expanding a free meals program, legislators hope to come up with a simple solution for the complex question of enhancing student performance.

“Being able to reach your full potential during the course of the day, studying in school, is so dependent upon having school meal,” said bill sponsor, Del. Keith Haynes, D-Baltimore City.

Commission will study over-testing of Md. school children

Maryland lawmakers decided the first step to solving over-testing in Maryland public schools is to understand the full problem, so they passed a bill creating a 19-member commission that will attempt to alleviate the pressure of excessive student testing.

The Commission to Review Maryland’s Use of Assessments and Testing in Public Schools became law Tuesday, as Gov. Hogan signed HB 452 into law.

350 bills become law: Rain tax repeal, public campaign financing, higher cap on gov’t tort awards

Gov. Larry Hogan joined with legislators on Tuesday morning to sign 350 bills into law, putting the final seal of approval on several bills has followed throughout this legislative session.

Bills signed by Hogan, Speaker of the House Michael Busch and Senate President Mike Miller include increasing the cap on tort claims against counties and the state, expanding the Maryland False Claims Act protecting whistleblowers and repealing “the rain tax,” the mandatory stormwater remediation fee.

Loss of expected funding has school systems on edge as they urge Hogan to release money

Public schools are set to receive record funding in the projected 2016 state budget, with Gov. Hogan increasing funding by $109 million. However, Maryland school districts and their unions say they will not be able to fill 3,283 jobs they had hoped to have if Hogan chooses not to fully fund the Geographic Cost of Education Index. It was projected to provide $68 million more. School advocates are calling these “positions at risk”

100 days: Hogan fires back on education funding debate

Gov. Larry Hogan did not give a final decision about whether to fund a requested $68 million to aid counties with higher costs of education during a 100 days in office press event on Thursday. Also on the menu were the governor’s responses to the Freddie Gray investigation ongoing in Baltimore City, transparency and overtesting in public schools.