Assembly roundup: GOP gains 2 senators, 7 delegates for a record 50 House members

Maryland Republicans won big in the General Assembly as well as governor’s mansion, and will be sending seven more members of the House of Delegates and two more in the state senate.

Joe Cluster, executive director of the state GOP, said they won about 90 percent of their targeted seats.

“I think the people voted against a tax and spend administration,” Cluster said. “They took it out on the members of the House and Senate.”

State House as sun sets

Md. legislators get high marks from consumer group — but not GOP

A consumer advocacy group is giving state lawmakers high scores for passing laws in the 2014 General Assembly session that raise the minimum wage and reduce the impact of foreclosures.

The Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition, a nonprofit whose mission includes advancing fairness and justice for consumers, also released four-year scores that depicted state lawmakers as generally favorable to consumer issues. Only nine of 47 senators and 46 of 141 delegates got four-year scores lower than 80%.