Dollars being stretched

Income inequality grows in the Washington suburbs

While much of the D.C. region has bounced back from the recession, certain segments of the population are benefitting from this recovery more than others, a new report. The report, “Bursting the Bubble” shows that mirroring a national trend, income inequality has been growing over the past few years in the D.C. Metro area, even during the economic recovery.

In PG District 26, Sen. Muse has two strong challengers

Brian Woolfolk, who has never served in the state legislature, is running against two opponents with significant legislative experience representing District 26, which runs along the Potomac River in southern Prince George’s County.
He is challenging incumbent Sen. C. Anthony Muse, who has served two terms in the Senate and three terms in the House of Delegates before that, and Del. Veronica Turner, who is challenging her own state senator with significant union backing.

Public pre-school becomes campaign issue

All three Democratic candidates for governor have proposals for expanding pre-kindergarten education in Maryland, which they discussed in a segment of Monday’s debate. Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown has been attacking Attorney General Doug Gansler for this failure to promise universal pre-K across Maryland. Despite having a public school system ranked top in the nation by a Education Week magazine five years in a row, Maryland still has a substantial achievement gap, as Gansler has repeatedly lamented since the launch of his campaign.

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Overtime pay for state employees rises; some double their salaries

Although the number of overtime payments to state employees made in 2013 remained roughly the same as those made in 2012, the sum of those payments rose by more than $8 million. In 2012, the total amount of overtime paid out to all state employees totaled $126,719,585. Over 2013 the total payments rose to $135,050,262 — over $8 million more. Roughly one-third of this increase is due to an across-the-board living allowance raise which occurred in January of 2013.