• Tim Naughton

    This is an awfully simplistic, sometimes silly, mostly hackneyed Conservative Playbook, commentary. It ignores (or impliedly disclaims any responsibility for), 100 years of economic and societal trends that have driven the human experience in Baltimore. Investment in inner city Baltimore can relieve human suffering (and some does), but it also can plant seeds for improvement (and some does). Jobs are not a short walk away. Prison records, even for nonviolent crime, are dis qualifiers for decent jobs. Improved access to employment, which can take many forms, would help enormously. Pulling subway funding is a long term citywide transportation system choice, but it favors a short term solution with a price tag out of reach for many inner city residents of Baltimore. More police funding and better police/neighborhood engagement would help police understand those they protect and not feel like they are in constant danger.

    Or, you can view the recovery of inner city Baltimore as a waste of time and money. (Just don’t say you’re a representative of the people, if you do.)

  • ted

    Its what will always ail Baltimore – dumbocrats

  • Startup Partners Inc

    we see symptoms and not the the issues. the issues are much more complex and simple at the same time. it is about understanding economics as well as respect for and willing to work. it IS about understanding that the world has changed and continues to change– that the reference to manufacturing jobs is an old reference of oil and grease and dungarees, and continuance of another round of old cycles. that we all must understand that old cronyism doesnt work– that all— new and old — should be welcomed to meet and overcome the challenges of the present and future. yes, we must produce – continue to produce- and be paid for what we produce. it is about respect for work and people who work- not those who sit around, be paid, and do old things calling them new names, or do nothing at all. otherwise, no matter who ‘says’ what, or continues doing the same things, there will be no advancement and the same symptoms of the issues will continue to manifest.

  • Doug Rainey

    A totally predictable piece from a governor who spent his one term punishing his enemies and has little of value to add to the conversation.

  • James Washington

    It appears from this article that the author would have us bomb Baltimore off the face of the earth to solve this problem. Most problems go through many phases before a solid conclusion.