• charlie hayward

    1. I see the Maryland Health Exchange 2017 budget is $122 million, including $31 million for IT “major projects” the lion’s share of which goes to keep the “freebie” CT website limping along. Someone should tell Hogan the Exchange’s operating cost should be half that much according to the definitive study by Wakely Consulting Group (November 2011.)

    2. The last paragraph of the story suggests cost savings generated from citizens being unable to get their Medicaid renewed. If there are any cost savings they will be offset by higher costs in future years because the medical costs are simply deferred. That is not a cost saving although in Annapolis truth is stranger than fiction.

  • Dale McNamee

    And the radical Democrats in the Legislature can’t stand budget “cuts” and budget surpluses !
    Tax and spend… Tax and spend…

    Let’s try living within our income, Maryland !

    Your tax paying citizens have to do so…

  • MrBethesda

    “…he has opted not to invest in higher education at the levels that state experts said is needed.” Good. He is funding higher education at the levels the taxpayers can afford.