• gdhdcx

    Nobody is policing the crabbers and their harvest. Their lobbyist make sure of that.

  • Dale McNamee

    Thanks for the gratuitous slap at people who are trying to keep their land,which they paid for from eroding…/sarc

    If “armoring” ones shoreline is “bad”… Why not offer a better way to stop erosion that benefits the crabs ? Perhaps a combination of “armoring” and forestation…

    I remember reading that the loss of the grass beds was due to eroding shores… The mud smothering the grass… So,wouldn’t slowing or stopping erosion be a good thing ? Along with replanting the grasses…

    Also, you like to eat don’t you ? Why blast farmers for spreading manure on their fields
    to fertilize them ?

    How do you propose that the manure be handled ?

    How do you propose stopping the rain and snow ?