Invitation to Bible Study in the House not for delegates full of themselves

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Above photo by snck on Flickr Creative Commons License

Wrapping up Tuesday’s session in good spirit, or in this case under a good spirit, members of the House of Delegates were invited to attend a Bible Study by Delegate Andrew Serafini of Washington County.

Instead of highlighting who was welcome to participate in the study, Serafini chose to outline who was not welcome.

“If Dr. Phil calls you for relationship advice, don’t come. If the most interesting man in the world was your understudy, please, don’t come.”

As Dr. Phil’s phone records are private, we can only assume that all of the House staff and elected officials are welcome because of this one constraint: “Don’t come if you got 100% of the vote in your area”.

Newcomer’s fears of getting too cozy with other members were also put to rest when Serafini assured them, “If you’re nervous, typically we do not hold hands in this study”.

Serafini’s pitch was greeted by rounds of laughter from the delegates.

The Bible study will be held in Room 153 of the Lowe House Office Buildings on Thursdays at 7:30 a.m.

–Rebecca Lessner