State Roundup, October 29, 2012

Early voting has been canceled in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy; early voters turned out to the polls in droves; a professor and college students approach gerrymandering from two perspectives: 1. does it cause polarization? 2. can districts be drawn without regard to politics?; black churches are especially engaged as ballot questions strike at the heart of religious beliefs; one religious group silent over same-sex marriage — Mormons; marriage equality backers lose their lead; Dems challenge over campaign finance issues; U.S. Sen. Cardin retains strong lead but who finishes third could say a lot about Maryland politics; and U.S. Rep. Bartlett, challenger Delaney are running neck and neck while Delaney is outpacing in funding race.

Bartlett and Delaney face off on jobs and health care in debate

Considered “the most endangered Republican incumbent in the nation” by Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball team, 10-term Rep. Roscoe Bartlett met with Democratic challenger John Delaney for their sixth and possibly final debate of the election season Sunday in Frederick.

Playing to an audience of roughly 100 people, Delaney at times sounded like he was trying to make a case for Mitt Romney’s presidency, perhaps trying to appeal to independent and Republican voters. Bartlett probably reminded some of why he is so vulnerable.