Bongino speaks out against Prince George’s County, Baltimore City Democrats at ‘No More Neglect’ rally

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Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino

By Dana Amihere

Maryland senatorial candidate Dan Bongino Wednesday accused Prince George’s County and Baltimore City Democrats of ineffective policies and “neglect” of their constituents on policy issues including education and the economy.

“It’s just assumed that the folks here are going to vote Democrat, and I find that disturbing. The neglect is just incredible,” Republican Bongino said at a Temple Hills rally. “The fact that you assume people are going to vote for you because of a label regardless of any ideas or positive political solutions is just amazing.”

Bongino accused Democrats of “not showing up after the primaries.”

But Del. Justin Ross, a Prince George’s Democrat, said, “Come to the public square and let’s have a full debate of these ideas in front of our constituents, and let’s see what happens. I’m not ashamed or scared of what we stand for, and I’m willing to debate those ideas on any single corner in Prince George’s County any day of the week.”

Bongino specifically called out his opponent, U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin, and President Obama in his address to a 75-member audience, who he said specialize in soundbites.

“I’m not here to say that Ben Cardin’s an evil man or the president is an evil guy, I’m just here to tell you their ideas haven’t worked. There’s real suffering involved when those ideas just don’t pan out,” said Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who once protected Obama.

Bongino’s ideas included parents’ school choice for their children, discontinuing prevailing wage laws on public construction, and revenue generation from economic development as opposed to property assessment “on the backs” of citizens and repairing a “broken” school system.

“This the civil rights issue of our day,” Bongino said. “If your skin is black, you have a really good chance of going to a poor school in Baltimore City or Prince George’s County. Why does my daughter get to go to a school in Anne Arundel County that’s third or fourth in the state for the same tax dollars you pay, but you’re condemned to a school district –– that’s 23rd out of 24 in the state –– in the wealthiest majority minority county in the country?”

  • Dmshipley

    I was at this rally and Dan Bongino did a fantastic job there.  His points were solid and I hope the people will listen.  He is correct, we have tried their plan for years and now is time to try something else, their plan has failed and kept poor people poor.  I sometimes wonder if their plan is working and they want that so they can exert more control over the people.

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  • Tonyguercio

    Delegate Ross is right, Ben Cardin should come to the public square and debate the issues.  But, the reality is he is afraid to debate Dan Bongino.  After the primary Mr. Bongino challenged Senator Cardin to six monthly debates leading up to the general election, yet here we are nearly three months later and Senator Cardin has refused to debate his opponent.  Cardin is another in a long line of career politicians in MD who feel that they are entitled to their seats because there is a D next to their name.  The citizens of MD are entitled to hear both sides of the issues, yet Senator Cardin does not feel the need to answer to his constituents and attempt to explain why he and his failed ideology should be allowed to continue in the Senate.  The time for talking points about a failed ideology are over, the time for real change is now.

  • abby_adams

    Bongino is correct in questioning why these jurisdictions continue to demand more $$ yet produce miserable results. As for real debates, televised on MPTV to ALL Maryland voters from the hills of Western MD to the Atlantic Shores, Cardin isn’t interested since he sports the state majority logo. He promises much but delivers very little, as most Maryland Democrats do. We need sweeping changes in Maryland & in Washington DC, yet it seems that a majority of MD voters are content to exist on empty, over priced promises of government “freebies” instead of the freedom to enjoy the fruits of their labor without being taxed, feed, and tolled to death by our august leaders.

  • Cwals99

    As a Progressive Democrat I want Carding out because of his vote on Glass-Steagall and corporate interests.  I say we have a write-in candidate and I bet that candidate would still win over Bongino.